What if the program crashes?

Possible reasons:

  • 1. Graphics Settings

  • (1)- Right click on the desktop.
    (2)- Select " Display Settings"
  • (3)- Scroll down to " Graphics Settings" and click on it.

  • (4)- Choose an app to set preference, on this drop box:Classic app Universal app, select Universal app.

  • (5)- After (4), Click Browse. and find Screen Recorder Pro, select it.

  • (6)- After (5), The app was listed in the setting, and click Options, then popup a box:Graphics specifications. Set graphics preference : Power saving. Save it.

  • (7)- If still not resolved, try another option: High preference.

  • 2. Change Render Engine

  • 3. Out of memory

  • In general, running out of memory often causes programs to crash. You can view the memory through the task manager. If the memory is insufficient, I suggest you restart the computer.

  • 4. Video encoder encoding failed.

  • Everyone's hardware may be different, so drivers may not be compatible. I suggest you change the Video encoder.

  • 5. Audio encoder encoding failed.

  • It is recommended that you record only one audio device to verify that there is a problem, even don't record the sound.