Screen Recorder Pro - Display, Window, Region

Version 2.5.9

This app (Screen Recorder Pro - Display, Window, Region) is a professional screen recorder for PC users.

It supports screen recording, window recording, area recording, and screenshots.

Details description

# Take ScreenShots.
#Record ScreenCasts.
#Record with/without Mouse Cursor.
#Record specific Regions, Screens or Windows.
#Mix Audio recorded from Microphone and Speaker output.

  • #Record from webcam.
    #Configure hotkeys.
    #You can only record audio.
    Other details:
    1.Adjust the frame number flexibly.
    2.Adjust the quality of voice.
  • 3.YOU can hoose voice input device, such as, microphone, speaker.
    4.You can choose format of video to save.
    5.Faster API for recording games.

  • Use Guides

    Quickly Start.

  • 1. Choose the recording source.

  • 2. Start recording.
  • 3. Recording the source.
  • 4. Recording complete.
  • 5. Open the recorded media from the notifications by double-click.

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